Corrugated Packaging

Packing goods are normally been a difficult process. With all the products and significant things around one must be mindful before they seal them. Packing products not just rely on the procedure and how solid you pack it however even lay on the quality of the packing box and material. It’s a task that must be done precisely if it is not done properly then it’s simple for your products to be harmed or to have a loss.

Great quality Corrugated Packaging is a base that will take your brand or business to the next level. Corrugated Packaging Boxes we offer are made from strong, quality and durable materials, they provide complete protection whether in transit or storage. Our Corrugated Packaging solutions guarantee the safety of products while they are shipped or transported.

Corrugated sheets

Environmentally friendly, lightweight, recyclable corrugated sheets recommended for trouble-free goods packaging and transporting

Customized Boxes

Wide-variety of customized boxes with and without print which makes your product packing more comfortable

Transport Packaging

Transport packaging solutions to add real value to your supply chain and to protect your goods from damage

Flexible packaging

Handle packing operations efficiently with our corrugated rolls best suit to the flexible packaging requirements

Shelf ready packaging

Convey your products in an innovative way and build brand image in the best possible way


A brilliant option for bulk packing and convenient to handle during loading and unloading.

Standard Boxes

No matter what is size, shape, and weight of your product, our standard boxes fulfill all your packaging needs

Wrap Around Boxes

Wrap around boxes are retail ready specially designed to pack and showcase your products perfectly

Pallet Boxes

Pallet boxes provide excellent protection from damage and Ideal for goods storing and transport

Corrugated Trays

Corrugated trays are topless boxes, excellent for transporting lightweight and small goods.

End Discs

Intended to stabilize your product during long distance transit and also suitable to store goods safely

Know More about our Corrugated Box Chennai / Carton Box Chennai

The reach and impact of the internet are revolutionizing the life of Indians on a daily basis, the growing push for e-governance and online banking which the government is wholeheartedly supporting has already changed the way Indians do things. The growing sector of e-commerce have both benefitted from this and have also helped in popularizing the use of the internet. Even small businesses realize the necessity of having a presence on the internet, and this is true for both small towns and big cities like Chennai. The reason for this is the huge market outreach that the internet can provide to both the seller and buyer of different products and services.

But as is with any other factor, the internet has provided both opportunity and issues, with having such a huge market available the necessity of delivering the product over large distance has become a major issue for sellers. This has also increased the businesses providing packaging materials for the businesses, but you should always be vigilant while buying packaging materials for your products as it will represent your product to your customer. Among a number of businesses offering this service the name of Eskay Cartons have created a separate customer base due to the high quality that they offer.

Our corrugated box Chennai are available in different grades, and thus you can choose a packaging material suiting exactly the needs of your product. With vast experience in the field we are very well aware of the need for various types of materials required by different businesses, thus apart from cartons, you can find different products which can suffice your diverse packaging and storage needs — thus making them a one-stop destination offering one of the best quality in a city like Chennai, India.

We offer our services over the internet too, thus making this a golden opportunity for any business looking for packaging and / or storage materials like carton box Chennai. You can easily choose the style of packaging you require among a big list of offers; you have to then decide over the size and dimension which will suit your product and / or your particular requirements. Offered range also provide printing solutions, so that you can have the details of your business printed on the exterior packaging too. Our packaging solutions also includes wooden pallets, bubble wraps, tapes, etc. taking care of all your needs.

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  • Carton Box in Sricity
  • Carton Box in Tada
  • Carton Box in Mepz Tambaram
  • Carton Box in Irrukatukottai
  • Carton Box in Sriperumbuthur
  • Carton Box in Cheyyar
  • Carton Box in Sipcot
  • Carton Box in Gumdipoondi