Wrap Around Boxes in Chennai

Wrap Around Boxes

Wrap around boxes in Chennai are reasonable for fast automated production lines, these are more cost-effective solution compared to regular boxes. These corrugated wraps around boxes serve as a transport box as well as retail ready packaging. They are 100% recyclable and supplied flat for more stacking space and minimized cost.

To advance your organization, our corrugated wrap around packaging solutions in Chennai can be completely customized in terms of size and shape and can use standard or brilliant printing strategies to exhibit your organization's branding.

Wrap around are one of the simplest forms of packaging, designed to pack products and to make opening quick, clean and consistent, packaging that is made around the items, this packaging guarantees strength and protects your products.

Eskay Cartons offers shelf- ready wraparound packaging for round loose cans, square loose bottles, round loose bottles, round loose glass bottles and multipacks with high performance, maximum strength, superb sealing, and easy changeover.