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Celebrations and pizzas are like two parts of the same coin. Pizza is one food that we all love to gorge on anytime in the year and the best part is that it can be carried easily and you can have it anytime anywhere from it’s easy to carry pizza box. Sometimes even while dining-in, your pizza is served in a box rather than on a plate. This not only saves a lot of soap, water, and labor but also ensures that you can take your portion of pizza away without having to wait for it being packed and wrapped-up. If you are planning to open a pizza store or if you are into delivering cardboard boxes specially made for pizza, then contact us for the best cardboard box manufacturing and delivery services. If you are newbie then here is a detailed out list for you about the various kinds of pizza boxes, its benefits, and all the services that we offer for our clients and bulk orders.

Making of Pizza Boxes

We all love pizza and if you are planning to open a small café or a restaurant then having pizza on the menu is a must. It is one of the most ordered food items for both takeaway and dine-in. You can argue that it is quite easy to serve pizza on a plate rather than in a box as sometimes along with the food plating also matters. But if you think it over then having a pizza box to serve your mouth-watering hot pizzas is more beneficial. Before we move onto the benefits of having pizza boxes let us have a look at the particular that needs to be followed while making these boxes.

  • • The pizza boxes are usually made of hard cardboard. Cardboard is quite flexible and, can be given any shape if the density of the cardboard is set right. For pizza boxes, the cardboard used must be hard as well as flexible so that it can hold the weight of the pizza while being light-weight and portable.
  • • The pizza box also needs to have a lid and making the box in a way so that the upper part can be folded to cover the pizza inside is essential. Making the box too hard or using cardboard that is too light can render the box useless for carrying and keeping pizza warm. So first, the cardboard that is chosen to make a pizza box has only the minimum number of layers that make the cardboard hard yet versatile enough to be folded over several times to keep the enclosed pizza safe and sound.
  • • While making pizza boxes, the cardboard used is often recycled in an eco-friendly and hygienic way. As the cardboard would be used for carrying food and the surface of the cardboard box would be in direct contact with the edibles inside, we know that manufacturing the boxes maintaining all the hygiene standards is a crucial factor.
  • • All our pizza boxes are manufactured by machines only. We make sure that all the cardboards that are being used for making the boxes are checked by our experts before the cardboard is hauled into our manufacturing factories. The cardboard is then cleaned and the density of the layers of the cardboard is measured before the cardboards are sent in for cutting and shaping.
  • • All the machines that are being used for cardboard box making in our factories are of the latest technology. We also use laser technology to ensure that all the cardboard boxes are cut and shaped finely with no sharp edges.
  • • There are a variety of unique cardboard box designs available with us and you can choose the cardboard box design you want for your pizza delivery and serving purposes. You can also give us your design for your pizza box and our designers will also assist you to make any changes that you want in your pizza box design.

If you are pondering on the benefits of using a pizza box instead of other serving accessories like plates and wooden platters then have a look below to get a complete understanding of all the reasons and benefits that a cardboard box has in store for you.

Benefits of Using a Pizza Box to Serve Pizzas

  • • Pizzas are best served hot and what better than a cardboard box to make sure that the pizza you send to the table or send out for delivery is smoking hot. Cardboard boxes help to retain the heat of the pizza once you take it out from the oven and put it in the box. So when you serve your customers the pizza, it is not only hot but fresh and soft as well making it more delicious.
  • • Cardboard boxes also absorb extra oil which makes your pizza not only healthy but also delicious. All the ingredients and the toppings that you spread over your pizza also remain intact till the box is opened. The pizza can also be kept in the pizza box and kept in the freezer if you can finish your pizza at one go. The box keeps the moisture out and later on, you can directly heat the pizza and eat it from the box.
  • • Pizza boxes are eco-friendly products. When you serve your pizza in a cardboard pizza box it not only helps you recycle the products but also saves a lot of energy consumption. There is no need for using dishwashers to wash the plates and the dishes. It also brings down the use of plastic. If you are serving your pizza in cardboard boxes then you are not only contributing to the planet you live in but you are also helping to save almost twenty-five percent of energy and the use of fossil fuels and oils as recycling and making cardboard requires a very small amount of energy.
  • • Using cardboard boxes to hand out your pizzas to your clients also saves you a lot of extra expenditure like labor cost, manpower, energy costs and more. It is also very easy to deliver the pizzas as the box make sure that the pizza is not damaged in any way during delivery.
  • • Eating directly from the cardboard box allows your customers to save a lot of time as they can eat their fill while being on the move and have delicious food as well. Pizza is an all in one food with all the toppings, bread, and cheese and can be taken anywhere.
  • • The pizza boxes come in various kinds of sizes so no matter what size pizza you serve you can always find a pizza box to suit your needs. All you have to do is tell us the size of pizza you serve and we will make you the boxes in the exact size and shape you want.
  • • The pizza boxes can also be utilized later on by your clients to keep various stuff. This recycling method is now being suggested by many activists and environmental scientists and you can play your part by providing your pizzas in a cardboard box.
  • • Cardboard boxes for pizza are also healthy as it does not react with the food you place inside the box. The boxes are made with all the required hygiene standards so that you can use clean boxes to serve the pizzas. Cardboard boxes are safe for use as it does not have any unhealthy aspects like plastic.
  • • When you use a pizza box, there is no need for you to spend hours over plating and decorating the plates to serve food. You can simply put the pizza in a box, close the lid and serve it hot to your clients. It also makes your business speed up and you need not make your clients wait for their pizza because you are washing the plates. Customer service is an important part of any business and especially when you are a pizza maker. Having a pizza box ready at hand to serve out the pizzas make your customers happy with the short waiting time and the quick and delicious delivery service.
  • • Using pizza boxes is also healthy on various accounts as a single box is used by just one person to eat from. Plates, on the other hand, are served to several guests after washing them repeatedly. There are no issues of germs when you serve pizza in a cardboard box unlike serving it on plates that have already been used to serve different guests after being washed after every meal.
  • • Pizza boxes also cost a lot less and you can order in bulk and store the boxes for as long as you like. There are no chances of breakage or damage, unlike other serving accessories. The only thing you need to take care of while storing the boxes is moisture. Ensure that your storage place in clean and moisture-free.

All about Our Client Services

We are a known brand in Bangalore for making cardboard boxes. If you looking forward to buying pizza boxes in Bangalore in bulk then, you can give us a ring and discuss all your requirements with our expert advisors and guides. We at Eskay Cartons are open to serve our best for your needs anytime you want. We deliver boxes for both dealers and restaurants. Here is a peek at all the client services that we provide for your pizza box needs.

  • • We have cardboard pizza box designers with us available for your designing needs. You can have designer pizza boxes when you place your order with us. You can also bring in your designs and discuss them with our designers. We make customized pizza boxes so you can have your special pizza boxes made with your café signs, logo, and the colors you want.
  • • If you deal with pizza boxes you can contact us and place your box delivery orders. We also have options for online communications if you are unable to come to our office. We are available at your time and you can contact us when it is convenient for you. We also delivery directly to the restaurants and if you do not want to go through any middleman for your cardboard boxes you can contact us directly.
  • • All the cardboard boxes that are made by us are made after a thorough check and each of the boxes follows all the standards of cardboard box making. All the boxes are made by machines and the cardboards are cleaned and shaped via machines as well. We use raw materials that will ensure that our cardboard boxes are durable and shaped to perfections. We manufacture all kinds of pizza boxes in multiple shapes and sizes. All our designs are unique and we use the latest cutting edge technology to manufacture the cardboard boxes.
  • • The cost of bulk deliveries is relatively quite reasonable than other cardboard box manufacturers. You can pay for the deliveries in part and through installments. You can also pay in advance if you want. There are innumerable discounts and seasonal offers that you can avail of on your total cost. We strive to give you the best quality cardboard boxes for your pizza at the most reasonable price possible.
  • • All the deliveries in and around Bangalore are made free of charge. We make sure that we deliver all the ordered goods on time so that it does not cause you any loss in your business hours. All the boxes are packaged and delivered at the exact addresses provided by you. You can also take a brisk walk through the various manufacturing processes with our expert and then place your order. Your satisfaction is our prime concern and we give our best to satisfy all your requirements in the best way possible.

We Eskay Cartons are manufacturers and suppliers of a top pizza box in Bangalore so for ordering pizza boxes in Bangalore contact us immediately.

You can contact us through our Eskay Cartons official website for placing your order of cardboard pizza boxes. For any detailed information, you can also schedule a session with or experts about all the pizza boxes you require. Our pizza boxes are hardy, spacious, light-weight and safe to use for packing and serving pizzas. We have also received several awards and certificated for our unique cardboard pizza box manufacturing.